Below you will find the results of the July 2023 Maidenhead Mayhem Full Contest.


1 KI5MM 96590 526 55 EM 500 VETERAN
2 WN6W 13100 77 35 CN 500 VETERAN
3 W9TCV 4922 57 23 EM 0 VETERAN
4 WB9SBD 3460 48 20 EM 500 VETERAN
5 KO6M 1484 18 11 CM 1000 VETERAN
6 KF9VV 1234 9 6 EN 1000 VETERAN
7 WT9Q 1054 4 3 EN 1000 VETERAN
8 K5YVY 542 3 3 EM 500 VETERAN
9 N9SE 245 9 7 EN 500 VETERAN
10 KI6OY 168 8 4 CM 0 VETERAN
11 AA0FO 162 7 6 EM 0 VETERAN
12 NS2O 24 2 2 FN 0 VETERAN
13 K0IP 3 1 1 CN 0 VETERAN

1 AC3JR 1424 25 11 FN 500 ROOKIE

Logs That Contain FT-8 or FT-4 QSO’s
1 K9OM 218186 770 142 EN 500 VETERAN
2 NF3R 140346 646 113 FN 1000 VETERAN
3 KH6RDO 109140 411 107 BK 0 VETERAN
4 WD6T 102836 486 104 CM 500 VETERAN
5 KV0I 102103 615 67 EN 1000 VETERAN
6 W7QM 62898 493 66 DM 0 VETERAN
7 AC8ZU 38912 289 76 EM 0 VETERAN
8 KD8CDC 14312 137 52 EN 1000 VETERAN
9 VE2GT 3724 57 38 FN O VETERAN
10 7L4IOU 3168 49 32 PM 0 VETERAN

1 AC0IX 32756 263 72 EN 500 ROOKIE
2 KD0BGA 21512 167 68 EN 500 ROOKIE

I Did Phone Only to help in promoting this new contest.
Made it much easier to let people know what it was all about.

I like the idea of not killing a whole weekend.

Joel NF3R

Thanks for a unique and interesting contest!
73, Hisami 7L4IOU

This was Awesome! Thanks so much for a fun contest!! Tina and I had a ball with this!! It was really a competition with our son, Tyler (KD0BGA), who was working from his home QTH in the Twin Cities. We both have basically the same setup, just long wire antennas so it was neat to see how he was getting out compared to our set-up north of him. :)
This was the first contest for my wife and I, outside of doing Field Day. We just recently got back into the hobby after about 15 years with our son Tyler, KD0BGA.

Just had a ball with this contest! The last time we did an actual contest together, outside of Field Day, was about 20 years ago. We really like the fact that you could work at a time that fit your schedule. The concept of 24 “on air” hours during the week was fantastic. It really helps those of us that work, especially full-time, to be able to participate at a time that fits. Plus, you could work things strategically to reach grids at different times when DX was on. We also liked the fact that so many bands were able to be used. In the middle of the contest, we lost some of our antennas and we were able to quickly change to a different band to keep contesting.

Thank you so much for all your work and dedication to making this happen! My wife and I had a ball!!

Sincere 73"s
Brett & Tina Gibson  AC0IX & KB0JDX

The Maidenhead Mayhem was a fun contest though I wish I could have found some CW activity as CW is my preferred mode. 
I looked for you on CW numerous times but I couldn't find you. 
One of the issues was probably that we're too close for some of the bands like 20-15-10.
Thanks again & 73, Dick- K9OM Awesome!

This was my first contest ever, outside of working Field Day a handful of times over the years! My family has recently re-ignited our love for the amateur radio hobby after participating in this year’s Field Day. That led to many purchases (for me) over the past month or so, and I now have my first owned HF rig with antenna, tuner, etc. I mentioned this contest to my parents, and it turned into a duel with them! My mom being as much a night owl as she is, whooped me and showed me why they love having her at events like Field Day.

I had a blast participating in the Maidenhead Mayhem! I also didn’t get to use all 24 hours of my time, as I was ‘banking’ hours for this weekend and had some plans interrupt my ability to use all that time. Nevertheless, I feel great about the amount of grids I was able to acquire with my new setup and I’m looking forward to future contest opportunities!

Thanks for the fun!
Tyler Gibson – Minneapolis, MN Awesome!

Will be waiting for next years set of contests!

You got some good advertising from me.  I worked it all week.
That first 24 hr was fun.
Thanks KI5MM

I wish I had more contacts and more time on the air.  Next time!
David West KO6M

As for the prizes, I thought it was a nice incentive. I called CQ on CW occasionally with no answers, and low power SSB is difficult from my small terrain-challenged home station, so I ended up 100% FT8/4.  All in all, nice to exercise my small home station. Worked 50 DXCCs, which is pretty good from this QTH. Best DX was 7Q. Highest QSO volume countries: 221 U.S., 109 JA, 29 YB, 13 BY, 10 VK, and all the rest were single-digits (even VE.) 10m was mostly SA. 40m was mostly JA/YB in early morning. Flexible time introduces an interesting element of strategy and is good for preserving one's body.  Kudos to the organizers for having the "chutzspah" to experiment with novel rules and challenge the status quo. 73, Dave WD6T

This is a fun and original Contest!

This is a great contest and the 7 day window allows most everyone to operate,
both the people in the workforce,and the folks that are retired.

Thanks for a unique and interesting contest!
73, Hisami 7L4IOU

Comments, Thoughts, Suggestions, From the Contest Director.

    As in the description, this contest has been in development for over 40+ years. Bouncing off thoughts of other contesters for years and years and years. This contest was born from the desires of Contesters. And it will continue to evolve as the contesting community desires. Be sure to make your thoughts known! We want this contest to be ...

    Please send me your wishes for this contest. What you want to stay in it. As well as what you think should be removed. Also PLEASE tell me any ideas you may have of what to ADD to the contest.  I have gotten several already of what we should add to the contest. And they seem interesting! Checking now on how hard they may be to implement into the contest, and of course have the loggers be capable of working with any new changes or additions. We are looking forward to your thoughts.

Any thoughts please send them to info@w9et.com

    The Prizes are also currently being worked on. Check in the future to see who won what.

73 Everyone! Hope to see ya next year!


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