Welcome to the MAIDENHEAD MAYHEM Contest Web page!
Total Prize Package Valued at Over $2100.00 Dollars!
 As we said before this is YOUR Contest! The Peoples Contest!
And because this IS Your contest, Changes that were suggested
by the entrants in 2023, will be implemented in 2024!
Changes will be seen in RED

Major Changes to how FT-8 & FT-4 Contacts are allowed this year!

The results for 2023 are posted, and dates for the two contests for 2024 are up.

We hope to work you on the bands in 2024!

HEY! SPREAD THE WORD! Tell people about this Contest!
Few people know anything about it.

You are about to enter a contest, a contest not only of sight and sound but of mind.
A journey into a wondrous contest whose boundaries are that of your strategy and skills. That's the link down below to enter - your next stop, the MAIDENHEAD MAYHEM!
      Imagine if you will, a contest that is truly different from most likely any other you have ever experienced.
A Contest that has indeed been over 40 years in the making.
Some of the developers have been dreaming of a contest like this since the late 1970’s.

      Imagine if you will, a contest that has listened to thoughts, comments, and wishes from contesters of all ages,
and the whole spectrum of contesting experience. From skilled and experienced contesters that have decades of contesting in their logs. To people that their contesting experience is only being in one contest. Or even none at all!

      Imagine if you will, a contest, that listened, and tried to the best of the developers ability to address all of these thoughts, wishes, and wants, and tried their best to include all these wishes into this contest.

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