This Rules page will be very different from what you most likely would be used to.
Mainly because this contest is very different from what you may have done before.

At first glance this contest may seem extremely complicated and hard to understand.
But it is designed to reward you for the effort in making the contacts.
The more difficult to make the contact, the more points you get for making it.

But don't worry all this Difficulty stuff is done automatically for you in the Logger.
When actually doing the contest all you need to think about is finding new stations
to contact, and new mults to find and work. It is That Simple.

The Logger does all the complicated work FOR YOU! Nothing to stress about.

Below on the left you see the RULE and on the right an explanation of why the rule is as it is.
There will be two separate events of this contest.

First will be a shortened "Sprint" version so people can get used to this very complex format. The format may seem very complex, but once you understand it, it really is not.
In addition the loggers will do all the work for you anyway.

And then later in the year will be the full MAIN

RULE CHANGE: Added the "Unlimited Class"
And Major changes to FT-8 & FT-4 Modes!
Explained in the right side panel.

Start: 00:00 UTC March 23 2024
END: 23:59 UTC March 24 2024
Maximum Operating Time = 4 Hours.
(Or "Unlimited Class")

Minimum "OFF" Time = 1 Hour
Logs Due Date:
On Or Before April 8, 2024 at 00:00 UTC
Only submit logger generated Cabrillo Logs.

In the Subject line of the E-Mail only put Your Call-Log IE: W9ET-Log
E-Mail Logs and any supporting Documentation

Start: 00:00 UTC July 20, 2024
END: 23:59 UTC July 28, 2024
Maximum Operating Time = 24 Hours.

(Or "Unlimited Class")

Minimum "OFF" Time = 1 Hour
Logs Due Date:
On Or Before August 12 at 00:00 UTC
Only submit logger generated Cabrillo Logs.
In the Subject line of the E-Mail only put Your Call-Log IE: W9ET-Log
E-Mail Logs and any supporting Documentation
You may be thinking What?

The "Sprint", Out of a 48 hour long contest window to operate in, yet you can only use up to 4 hours of actual on the air operating time.

And In the Main MAIDENHEAD MAYHEM Contest.
You have a 216 hour long contest window, but you can only use up to a max of 24 hours of on the air operating time. Except now for the added "Unlimited Class" Described below. Some of you may be old enough to remember the old classic Novice Roundup. This is very similar to that.

Reason we have this wide open time frame, is several reasons.
But mainly three.

1- A Strategy Component.
You can not just "Get On" and do a marathon and make as many contacts as possible. You need to think, When is my "BEST" time to get on?
Like I need multipliers in Europe. What time and what band will give me the best chance to have propagation into Europe. To grab these needed multipliers?

2- This is the main reason.

Simply "TIME" The number one reason we hear for someone NOT to do any particular contest is "TIME". Some as simple as "I work on weekends." Or "I can't commit to take a whole weekend just to do something on the radio.
"I have other things I must do on the weekends." Many just can not dedicate a whole weekend to just being on the radio.

3- Physical Limitations.

Most contests are the kind that now days yeah a LOT of us are getting older, and we just can not physically do many of the contests now. The days of doing a 48 hour long CQWW something, or even a 24 hour long Sweepstakes, It is just not physically possible. This is a reason that so many of these newer sprint contest that have come around lately are so popular! Anyone can sit down and do one of the hour long sprints.  And most are able to put in the "B.I.C." time needed to do like many of the State QSO parties where they are only six hours long or so.
For those not familiar with "B.I.C" it is a term a lot of contesters use for how long you are sitting in the chair.
 Butt In Chair.

MAIDENHEAD MAYHEM, is giving you 216 Hours of time to use up your 24 hours of operating time. You can operate in as many short runs as you need.
And take off times as needed also.

UNLIMITED CLASS: This is a class that was if you can believe it, was asked for by about 25% of the 2023 participants. It is a class of entry where there is NO TIME LIMIT at all! In the March Sprint you can operate the full 48 hours. And in the main contest in July you can operate the full 216 hours! WOW! Be sure to check out the prize page concerning this new class!
OBJECTIVE: For amateurs around the world to contact as many other amateurs in as many Maidenhead Grid Fields as possible.
No explanation necessary.
Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 No explanation necessary.
Suggested Frequencies:
FT-4 FT-8
1805 & UP
1860 & UP
1850 & UP
1836 1840
3570 & DOWN
3805 & UP
3590 & DOWN
3580 3590
7045 & DOWN
7180 & UP
7080 & UP
7080 7090
14055 & DOWN
14240 & UP
14080 & UP
14083 14090
21060 & DOWN
21280 & UP
21080 & UP
21080 21090
28060 & DOWN
28380 & UP
28080 & UP
28080 28090
Other digital modes, use the best frequency for each mode.

These are only suggested frequencies to start on.

Adjust as needed up or down depending on Band
conditions and QRM.

All FT-8 & FT-4 Contacts MUST be made on the dial frequencies listed in the Suggested Frequencies Table.

USE of the typical everyday FT-4 or FT-8 Frequencies Will cause the log to be classified as a Check-Log and not qualify for any awards.
Modes: CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31, PSK63, FT4, FT8 No explanation necessary.
Power Levels: Only 2 levels
QRP- 5 Watts or less,
and LOW Power- 100 watts max

No explanation necessary.
Classes:"Single OP",
and "Single OP Unlimited".

With Veteran and Rookie Overlays.

Visit below for extra Club and Elmer Classes.

FT-8 & FT-4
Contacts are now allowed in this contest.
A Veteran is anyone that has been contesting for over two years.
A Rookie is anyone that has been contesting less than two years.
So you can be a Single-OP, Veteran, Or Rookie,
Then choose 100 Watts, OR QRP. 
OR a Single-OP Unlimited,
Veteran, Or Rookie,
Then choose 100 Watts, OR QRP.

And choose if you want to also enter the "CLUB"  
and/or "Elmer" Competitions.
See below what these two additional competitions are all about.

Contest Exchange:
Your four character grid square.
Such as "EN43" "FM10" "IO23"
Mode Points:
QSO points given Per Mode Type Per Contact.
CW= 3 Points, SSB= 2 Points,
ALL Digital Modes= 1 Point
PSK31, PSK63, FT4, FT8, are all digital modes.

No explanation necessary.

QSO Dupes: 
You can work each station on each band AND each mode.
Three Modes, CW, Phone, Digital.
So if you do all six bands, and all three modes,
you could work each station up to 18 times.
Additional details when doing digital modes. If you work a station in one digital mode, you can not work them again in another digital mode on the same band, they will be a dupe.
You have three Modes, CW, PH, DG.
Each multiplier is the first two Letters of the grid field.
Such as "EN" "FM" "IO".

 Just like the QSO's, you can earn each grid field on each band AND each mode.
So again each multiplier can be earned up to 18 times.
This means there are a total possible of 5832 Multipliers!!!

Difficulty Factor:

This is one of the new things in this contest that has never been in any other contest before.

This "Difficulty Facror" rewards you with more points for making contacts that are more difficult to make.

Difficulty Factor: MAJOR CHANGE:

The way the difficulty factor is calculated has been changed
In an attempt to make the N1MM+ logger more compatible with the Maidenhead Mayhem. The N1MM+ developers are still working on it.

But,This is something you have never seen before.

At first glance it may be hard to understand, but once you understand it, it is really simple. This part of the contest rewards you with a HIGHER QSO point value for making contacts that are typically because of the nature of average propagation a contact would typically be harder to make.
Here is how it works.

Below here you will see the various points given
for a contact Depending on band, mode, and distance.

160/80/40 20/15/10


1 TO 500KM
501 TO 2500KM
2501 TO 30000KM
1 TO 500KM
501 TO 2500KM
2501 TO 30000KM
Spotting is allowed to be used. And Encouraged! Spot stations that you contact when doing Search & Pounce, will earn you again 500 Bonus points!

Most loggers can be set up to automatically spot these S&P Stations for you.
Even self spotting is legal to be used.
(But will not count towards bonus points)
To Earn these points be sure to send in proof that you were spotting other stations.

We have even added a small web page to spot yourself. Spots placed here will NOT go out to the spotting network. You must visit this site to see any spots made there.
Since digital and CW signals all get automatically spotted by the RBN beacon network, we feel it only fair to let SSB signals get spotted by self spotting. We also HIGHLY encourage people that are in Search and pounce mode, to have their logger activated that it automatically spots any contacts made.

In the 2023 events, This was sadly rarely used. SPOT SPOT SPOT! Spot others, Spot yourself. One Common comment from the Sprint was they couldn't find people to contact! But no one was spotting, AND everyone was looking for people CQing.
No one was CQing, if everyone is looking and no one is CQing there is no one to contact!  SPOT SPOT and CQ CQ CQ!!!!

"Club" and "Elmer" Competitions.

Be sure to visit the prize page for these two classes!

These two additional Competitions have prizes associated with them!
Club Competitions:
This is while you can enter the contest as an individual like any other contest. You can also like a lot of other contests you can have your score be added to others for a "Club Score" Be sure to have your log or submitting E-Mail state what club you score should be applied to.

Elmer Competitions.
This is something totally new! Again you will enter as a single-OP entry. BUT, You can also enter in the "Elmer" Competition. How this will work. This is a side extra Competition that you can enter in in addition to any other side categories you want to. It does not effect your main individual entry.

First just in case you do not know what an "Elmer" is in Amateur Radio.

An "Elmer" is an experienced and knowledgeable individual who mentors or guides newcomers (Here known as "Elmo's") in the hobby. The term is used to describe someone who helps others learn about the technical and operational aspects of amateur radio.

"Elmers" play a crucial role in the amateur radio community by providing guidance, sharing their expertise, and assisting newcomers, or any other "Elmos" in navigating the various aspects of ham radio, such as radio equipment operation, antenna design, regulations, and emergency communication procedures. The term "Elmer" is often used to highlight the mentoring and supportive nature of experienced amateur radio operators who contribute to the growth and education of the amateur radio community.

Here is how it will work.
The "Elmer" say his call is K9XYZ, He does the contest, and has a final score of 10,000 Points.

K9XYZ also helped or convinced three other "Elmos" to also get on and do the contest. Here are their calls and scores.
KB9NEW = 5000 points.
W9EE = 7000 points.
K9MM = 12000 points.

When these three "Elmos" finish the contest when they send in their logs, they also say in their submission that K9XYZ is their "Elmer".  So their "Elmo" scores are added to the "Elmer's" Score to get his "Elmer" Score.

So in this example K9XYZ has a regular score of 10,000 Points.  But an "Elmer" score of 34,000 Points! Any Questions just ask.
Online Scoreboard: Having your Logger send your live status during the contest to the online scoreboard listed here, you will earn 500 Bonus Points.

Scoreboard Verification:
To earn these bonus points you must prove you had the scoreboard running by sending a screen grab showing your station listed in the display.

Look in your logger on how to activate this feature.

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