Welcome to the MAIDENHEAD MAYHEM PRIZE page!
These are the Prizes that will be offered in the 2024 event.
To see the prizes that were awarded in the 2023 event, Click HERE.

How the Prizes for the 2023 event were awarded by the competitors peers was a total disaster!
So this year of 2024 we are trying something totally different!
Now remember the prizes are only awarded for the Main Full July Contest!
We are up to eleven prizes with a value of over $2100.00

This year the prizes donated will be given to the winners of what the prize sponsor determines who should get it!
As explained in each prize window below.

MFJ Is our first sponsor to come forward to offer prizes for the 2024 MAIDENHEAD MAYHEM!
They have outdone themselves this year! Donating over an incredible $1600.00 in prizes!
We are very Grateful for their Generosity!

Prize #1 Will be awarded to the station in any class of entry that has the longest time of "B.I.C."  
AKA: "Butt In Chair". The Station that has the most time on the air in their log will win Prize #1

Prize #1

Incredible Cushcraft/MFJ MA-6B  A $1100.00 Value! Link To Website click HERE
The unique MA-6B is a two-element Yagi on 20/17/15/12/10/6 Meters.
You get solid signal-boosting directivity in a bantam-size and weight.
It mounts on your roof or mast using standard TV hardware.
It’s perfect for exploring exciting DX without the high cost and heavy lifting of installing a large tower and a full-sized array.

Its 7 foot 3-inch boom has less than 9 feet of turning radius.
Contest tough -- handles 1500 Watts.
It delivers solid power-multiplying gain over a dipole on all bands.
You get automatic band switching and a super easy installation in a compact 26-pound package.
When working DX, what really matters are the interfering signals and noise you don`t hear. That’s where the MA-6B’s impressive side rejection and front-to-back ratio really shines.
See for gain figures.

*A Comment from MFJ about offering this prize! "I think the MA-6B is crazy.
I will be anxious to see who is the sleep deprived winner of that."

This being said we (contest Officials) MUST put a restriction on this prize. Any logs received that contain any FT-8 or FT-4 QSO's are not eligible to win this prize. There are too many softwares that can be fully automated to run those modes while the actual "Operator" is just sleeping. Sorry....

Prize #2
Will be awarded to the club that has the largest Aggregate score. In other words each entrant can apply their individual score towards a club they are a member of. They still are in the competition as an individual, and other prize packages also, so applying your score to your club does not effect your personal score.
Simply state the name of your club you would like to have your score also to be applied to.

Prize #2

The Club that has the Highest Aggregate Club Score Wins this!

MFJ-259D, ANTENNA ANALYZER, VHF/220 MHz, .100-230 MHz

Click HERE to visit Web page.

World’s most popular Antenna Analyzer just got better! 
Now covers super wide range -- 100 KHz-230 MHz and 2200 Meter band!

All-in-one ham radio test set Includes frequency counter, RF Generator, SWR Analyzer TM, RF Resistance and Reactance Analyzer, Coax Analyzer, Capacitance/Inductance Meter... and more!
Large easy-to-read two line LCD screen and side-by-side meters clearly display your information.

Super easy to use! Set the bandswitch and tune -- just like your transceiver.
SWR, Complex antenna Impedance, and frequency, are all instantly displayed simultaneously!

Built-in Ni-MH/Ni-CD charger circuit, battery saver, low battery warning and smooth reduction drive tuning.
Use 10 AA or Ni-MH batteries (not included) or 110-240 VAC with optional MFJ-1312D.
Rugged, compact all- aluminum construction is a hand held size 4Wx63 / 4Hx2D inches.

Prize #3 
Will be awarded to the Highest Aggregate Score of those entering in this "Elmer" Competition.
This is a side extra Competition that you can enter in in addition to any other side categories you want to.

First just in case you do not what an "Elmer" is in Amateur Radio.

An "Elmer" is an experienced and knowledgeable individual who mentors or guides newcomers (Here known as "Elmo's")
in the hobby. The term is used to describe someone who helps others learn about the technical and operational aspects of amateur radio.

Elmers play a crucial role in the amateur radio community by providing guidance, sharing their expertise, and assisting newcomers, or any other "Elmos" in navigating the various aspects of ham radio, such as radio equipment operation, antenna design, regulations, and emergency communication procedures. The term "Elmer" is often used to highlight the mentoring and supportive nature of experienced amateur radio operators who contribute to the growth and education of the amateur radio community.

Here is how it will work.
The "Elmer" say his call is K9XYZ, He does the contest, and has a final score of 10,000 Points.

K9XYZ also helped or convinced three other "Elmos" to also get on and do the contest. Here are their calls and scores.
KB9NEW = 5000 points.
W9EE = 7000 points.
K9MM = 12000 points.

When these three "Elmos" do the contest when they send in their logs, for any part of the contest, if they also say in their submission that K9XYZ is their "Elmer".  So their "Elmo" scores are added to the "Elmer's" Score to get his "Elmer" Score. So in this example K9XYZ has a regular score of 10,000 Points.  But an "Elmer" score of 34,000 Points!
Any Questions just ask.

Prize #3
The winner of the "Elmer" Class, (The highest aggregate score)
 They will win this. They may keep it, OR we are thinking they can give it to one
Of All the stations that claimed this station was their "Elmer"
This "Elmer" will decide who they think deserves this.
Click HERE to go to website.

What is it?  MFJ-419 is a multi-function training tool for learning to receive and send Morse Code with a straight key.  It helps you learn CW and send clean CW all in one little pocket-sized MFJ box.
Carry it with you to work or at the kitchen table!

How does it work?  Send mode operates like a Code Practice Oscillator allowing you to practice sending.  MFJ-419  will display the characters in code and in English. The Analyze setting will display your speed and timing to help you to send better.

Receive mode will help you learn characters. It can send in normal spacing or two Farnsworth speed modes sending the characters faster but spacing to the programmed speed. There is also a USB text mode where you can use a terminal program to send text either from a keyboard or a short text file to the MFJ-419 so you can listen to real text.

There is also an Exercise mode that will help you with training to make correct length dits and dahs and also the proper spacing between characters and words.

How does it set up?  It's easy!  There's a setting menu that allows you to alter WPM: 5-40, Timing: Normal/default, Farnsworth 18, Farnsworth 25, Character: Alpha only (default), Alpha and Numbers, or Alpha, Numbers and Punctuation, Sidetone: 200 Hz, 400 Hz, 600 Hz (default), 800 Hz and 1000 Hz.

How is it powered?  Use one 9 Volt alkaline battery or USB cable.

Prize Group #4
All these prizes are awarded to the CW operators. All entry classes are allowed in this group of Prizes. Any Logs that contain CW contacts, we will remove from the log all NON-CW contacts and re-calculate their score for the CW only contacts. Then each entrant based on their score from highest to lowest will be contacted one at a time and they will choose what prize of these listed below they wish to get.

Yury continues making paddles for you even during the Russian invasion. 
He appreciates your interest in his products.
73’s de Yury UR5CDX   
(Yury tells us he intends of offering this prize for you all, BUT... a LOT can happen because of the Russian Invasion between now (January) and when the winners are learned (August). Depending on his situation, he may not be able to award this prize. We hope you all understand!)

Prize #4A
CT 599MX Chrome Plated Heavy Dual (Iambic) Lever Paddle.
• Designed by UR5CDX Square base 96x90 mm
• Quad Ball bearings
• Ability to adjust weight and contact gap
• Magnet tension
• Hand made by a team of professional engineers
• Exceptional quality galvanic chrome plating
• Mirror like smooth surface
• Solid double silver contacts
• Polished brass paddle plaque featuring the paddle's model
• Long 4.5 feet shielded cable
• Universal connector to suit any modern or old transceivers
• Exceptionally strong colour shipping box
• The paddle is shipped bolted with a set of screws to a plate
• Weight about 1.3 kg
• Full warranty, timely and friendly support
• Accessories: Carbon Fiber Paddles
• Options: Call Sign Engraving (two editions)

Here we have Seven Prizes donated by CWMORSE.US  A Family owned and run business.
CWMORSE.US is a Maker of Quality Morse Code Keys, Paddles & Equipment ~ Made in the USA!


Prize #4B
Mini Yack Pro Morse Code Keyer

The Mini Yack Pro Is A Lightweight Morse Code Practice Oscillator and Keyer.
While Primarily Designed For Iambic Paddles, it can also be used with a straight key.  Great For Learning Or Practicing Morse Code!

Length: - 4"
Width: - 3.25"
Height: -2"

Volume Control
2 Each 100 Character Memory Slots
Iambic Training Mode
LED Indicator on XMIT
Beacon Mode
Tons of Built In Commands!

Prize #4C
The SP4 POTA/SOTA CW Morse Magnetic Tension Iambic Double Paddle.
Designed By N0SA.

Super Lightweight, Portable Compact Paddle With An Attached 3.5mm Cable.
Uses Magnetic Tension And Easily Adjustable With Stainless Steel Contacts.

Great for portable operations, and for use with 3M Dual Lock Velcro for easy mounting and removal of the paddle from base or anything of your choosing.

FEATURES: Small and light weight - only 1.7ozs.
WITH BASE: Small and removable from base - 1.25 lbs.
Measures 2.5" x 1.1" x 1"
Frame and finger pieces are 3D printed with carbon fiber reinforced PETG.
Levers are solid CNC Machined 6061 aluminum.
3 foot flexible cloth covered cord with molded 1/8” plug stays flexible down to 0 Deg F.
All fasteners used are Stainless Steel.
Allen wrench that is needed for spacing adjustment is also included with the key.
Adjustments stay put when set, so adjust once and forget about it! :-)

Prize #4D & #4E
Camel back Straight Key In Green as in the Picture,
Or In "Army Green"

The Camel Back Straight Key
Liquid Smooth Dual Self Lubricating Bearing Action!
Solid Brass Contacts & All Soldered Connections!
You can choose either color, Also you can choose the type of Knob.
The Flat type, or the "Navy Knob" that has the tall "Knob"


Prize #4F PCB Straight Key $24.95

Lightweight Circuit Board Morse Code Key
Spring Board Style Arm With Adjustable Gap
Weighs 1.65 oz.
Lightweight For QRP/SOTA Ops
2 Popular Knob Options
PCB Flex Beam Pivot Arm
Easily Adjustable Gap
Includes 3d Printed Base
Non Marring Non Skid Rubber Feet
Made with biodegradable PLA plastic, made from Corn !
Solid Brass contacts  for Solid Contacts!
Dimensions:  4.25" L x 1.50" W x  1.75"H
Allen Wrench Included.
Uses Standard TRS or TS 3.5mm Aux Cable


Prize #4G  Orange Pocket Double Paddle Morse Code Key $39.95

The Ultimate Lightning Fast Pocket Double Paddle Morse Code Key.
Super Smooth Action With Double Precision Self Lubricating Bearings.
Solid Brass Contacts With Stainless Steel Fasteners & Nickel Plated Steel Spring.
All Soldered Braided Copper Wire Connections.

SOLID CONTACT:This Precision Key Uses Solid Brass Contacts For A Solid QSO

FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Dit & Dah Paddle Distance To The Center Contact Can Be Set Individually.

Adjustable Spring Tension for Maximum Operator Comfort.

BUILT FOR SPEED: Independent Paddle Arms Ride Smoothly On TWO Precision Self Lubricating Bearings Each. 

NO unwanted friction on lengthy or high speed QSOs!


Prize #4H  Lightweight Double Paddle Morse Code Key $4295
The Ultimate Lightning Fast Double Paddle Morse Code Key.

Super Smooth Action With Dual Precision Self Lubricating Bearings.

Solid Brass Contacts With Stainless Steel Fasteners & Nickel Plated Steel Spring.
All Soldered Braided Copper Wire Connections.

SOLID CONTACT: This Precision Key Uses Solid Brass Contacts For A Solid QSO

FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Dit & Dah Paddle Distance To The Center Contact Can Be Independently Set.

Adjustable Spring Tension for Maximum Operator Comfort.

BUILT FOR SPEED: Independent Paddle Arms Ride Smoothly On TWO Precision Self Lubricating Bearings Each. 

NO unwanted friction on lengthy or high speed QSOs!


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